Introducing: World Points and the Conversation Lottery!

Kaverini is not just any game. It is designed to be fun, but, in being fun, it also seeks to teach you about a real place that exists, somewhere on the planet on which you are reading this text.

There will be previews at certain points, some of which individual characters or settings are revealed or in which game concepts are revealed. Today I will introduce you noble minds to two things.

What is the Conversation Lottery?

When you visit a new place, you will have to talk to people. Whether they be fellow visitors or locals, they will have something to say. Sometimes, certain “sound bytes” will stick in your head.

While playing the game, if you find that you are entering a new place, you can strike up a conversation with someone you see. But instead of simulating the entire conversation, except when it is integral to the plot, the Converation Lottery instead gives you a sound bite from that conversation that sticks out.

The adventure booklets each come with 100 different possible sound bites (bytes?) that characters can say when you talk to them. Some of these, I confess, I stole from conversation that I actually had with people in real life. But if you recognize something that you said while playing the game, consider this a tribute to you.

When a player wants to have a conversation, he/she rolls a die that will generate a number between 1 and 100. Based on the number, the according sound bite is referenced in the adventure booklet and read to the players. Some of these will be information about the setting, some of these will be information about other places, some of them will be stupid comments, and yes, some of them will be jokes.

To give you a taste of what you might find in a Kaverini conversation lottery:

“The tour guide said, ‘look at this rock’, and then three minutes later, ‘look at this rock’, and then thirty seconds later, ‘look at this rock’. I now hate rocks!” 

I remember when I was in Brussels. I wanted to buy some chocolate but my brother told me that it was too expensive”

Some languages in South Africa have these clicking sounds. I tried for hours to make this one that involved me clicking the tongue to the bottom of my mouth. My mom tries it once and gets it perfect! How does she do that?” 

I heard someone in the subway car mention that a snowman suddenly came to life somewhere in Riverside Park.  Part of me is not inclined to believe it. But…who knows?” 

One of my friends made a movie in which he was throwing orange peels at the dragon statue in Krakow. How crazy is that?”

“Wanna hear a joke? It’s not a very nice one. What do you call a Norwegian who is drunk? Answer: a Dane!” 

Taxi drivers in Jerusalem can get you anywhere in the city in five minutes. That says more about the taxi drivers than it does about the city”. 

That’s all you get for now.

What are World Points?

Suppose you’re really getting into the game. Enthusiastic. You make lots of jokes. You ask questions about the setting. You even try to speak snippets of the local language out of the phrase book. You ask the tour guide lots of stupid questions.

If you impress the tour guide enough, he or she may be inclined to give you one of these, whenever he or she feels like it:

world point side 1

Cool! What does it have on the other side?

world point side 2

That last one sees to be fairly straightforward.

But about those other two? Well…you’ll have to wait and see!

Copyright 2015, Jared Gimbel, Kaverini Korp and WorldWhile Comics.

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