Announcing: the Bethnic Region Adventure!

Allow me to tell you of the first adventure that will be shown at the April 29th Expo!

Kaverini Adventure Game: The Bethnic Region will take you to the deepest areas of the ocean floor! Keep in mind, if Facebook infographic quotes are to be believed, humanity as a whole knows more about the surface of the moon than it does about the ocean floor itself!

That said, what is stopping you on this submarine adventure to the bottom of the world, undergoing a hackneyed and not very imaginative plot to save the world while hunting…what else…sunken treasure? Don’t ask me how the two of them fit in together…I honestly…don’t know!

Encounter a host of foes that I just made up off the top of my head by writing random words into Google translate and then having it run into random phrases in Lao or some other interesting language I thought looked cool at the time. I don’t really even know how to classify these monsters, and I’m certainly not going to go through the effort to trademark them, either.

Be forewarned: this may not hold true for the demo in April, but you will need a scuba kit for the actual adventure box. The scuba kit is not included. Prices may vary depending on your country.

Exactly how the scuba kit will fit into the existing gameplay mechanics which involve tamer things such as…well, pieces of paper and dice…will be…worked out on a later date…

I would like to wish all of my fans a happy first of April!

DSC00049 (3)

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