The Fifth Rule

I see advertisements for games very regularly (in part because my designer friends gave me an ASSIGNMENT to play addictive games and note what they do well). One common complaint I have about way too many franchises (excluding a handful of Japanese ones) is the fact that they tend to take themselves WAY too seriously.

As you can see from the following cards from my upcoming strategy set for the demo game, I have gone out of my way to ensure that such a complaint cannot be made about this one:


And I know that not just a few of my friends will be amused by this one:

Grzegorz Brz

I’ll just present these as is right now, feel free to amuse yourself by trying to find the references. BY THE WAY, even if you don’t get them, I will create a section of various adventure booklets in which the references will be explained. That way, you can learn without having to turn to the Internet.

Copyright 2015, Jared Gimbel, Kaverini Korp and WorldWhile Comics. Characters from other fictional works are the property of their respective owners and are used for educational purposes only.

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