What Will be for Kaverini at the Playcrafting Expo in New York City?

You will get the following:

(1) Your chance to play the game for the first time in its colorful form!

(2) You can play the Kaverini Strategy Game, with cards from many different countries all together, with me or with/against your friends (and me, if you so choose).

(3) You can also play the Kaverini Adventure Game. I will announce that there will be TWO adventures as of writing that will be featured:

One of them is the first-ever adventure I designed, all the way back in June 2013 when I intended for this game to only be for mobile or the equivalent, before I ever thought of adding ANY card component.

The setting will be…

Brugge Flag

That’s right! The well-known Flemish town and tourist Magnet, Brugge (Bruges), Belgium!

(4) The other one will be announced on Monday.

(5) You are welcome to give suggestions for the future of the game (including locations that you’d like to see! As well as tips. In all forms. Tips are very much appreciated.

(6) Because this is the first time I’m testing this, I’m gonna have far, FAR more Chutzpah than normal. I showed the Strategy game spoiler to one of my family members, who proceeded to pick this one as his/her favorite:

Max Mekker

For those of you unaware…remember “Big Bird” from Sesame Street? Max Mekker is the Norwegian doppelganger of that character, created for the Norwegian version, Sesam Stasjon, which has stopped producing new episodes for…what is it…a decade now?

There will be HUNDREDS of cards! And, of course, you can make YOUR character ANYTHING you want!

Who’s excited?

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