Possibly Playable for the Expo: Kaverini Antarctica Adventure!

For those of you who don’t know, I got beset by a gargantuan translation job over the weekend, and one that set my progress back for the Expo SIGNIFICANTLY (to say the least).

I owed you all an announcement as to what the other location playable at the booth will be. It is Antarctica. However, on account of the setback, it MAY or MAY NOT be featured! It primarily depends on how good my hand decides to feel (drawing can be difficult sometimes, typing as well. I was working almost non-stop over the past few days ever since I got the translation assignment…and not on this game, mind you!)

In any case, this card will show up in the strategy game selection:

McMurdo Station

This is based on the real-life American research station in Antarctica, which is the largest settlement on the continent! If you get lucky, you may be able to learn more about it two days from now!

Anyhow, I thought to appease you curious folks and to get you ready to play the game for the first time open to the public, let me share a rulebook excerpt on HOW TO CREATE YOUR CHARACTER:

Each character begins with three level 1 emotional techniques of the player’s choosing, 20 HP, and 0 of each Emotion and Heart.

The player may either choose one of the pre-drawn characters in the box (and give the character a name), or draw the character at his or her discretion (and give him/her a name).

When this is done, the player than does two things:

  • Writes three things about the character (so that it is more than just a picture and a name)
  • Choose one of the abilities (see “Abilities” below) for the character to permanently acquire”

(and as a bonus, the abilities you can choose from)

  • Sensitive: Kaverit and Foes that are sensitive take and deal double pain/Schmerz.
  • Insensitive: Kaverit and Foes that are insensitive take and deal half pain/Schmerz
  • Psychic: a Kaveri with Psychic can look at all of the details of any Foe card currently in a confrontation or bargain.
  • Confidence – The first technique that would otherwise harm a Kaveri or a Foe with Confidence does nothing at all.
  • Chutzpah – The first technique that deals Pain/Schmerz to a Kaveri or Foe with Chutzpah causes the source of that technique to take half that amount of Pain.
  • Lagom- Techniques executed by Kaverit or Foes with Lagom can have their Pain/Schmerz divided among the adversaries at the discretion of its controller, instead of it all being allotted to one adversary.
  • Focused – The character gets 1 extra point to spend each time while levelling up.
  • Passionate – If the Kaveri uses an emotional technique for the first time in a confrontation, that technique automatically triggers its special effect.

In the meantime, think about this: this is a game where you can play as nearly anything you can think up. So what will YOUR dream character be? Don’t forget about Custom Techniques, too! Read more about them (and the emotions) HERE.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Copyright 2015, Jared Gimbel, WorldWhile Comics and Kaverini Korp

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