Kaverini Happenings and Other Stories for Summer 2015

Hello, hello!

It certainly has been a while since I posted on this (since the expo at Microsoft Times Square). Weighed down by schoolwork and other travails, plans have since been devised to transform Kaverini from a plan into a purchasable.

Between now and August 2015:

(1) I will be creating the materials for creating the first Kaverini adventure box! The title of the adventure will be “Vlaanderen: Flemish Lions and Loves” . Once all of the materials for the box have been finalized (art that I can be proud of, legal issues taken care of) a Kickstarter campaign or its ilk to begin the first print run will be on its way!

(2) The box will contain the materials needed for pre-written adventures in Bruges, Gent, Antwerp and Brussels, as well as enough cards for your imagination to take root.

(3) Furthermore, I have the Antarctica mini-Adventure looking to a similar fate.

(4) Those who contribute a certain amount or higher to the Kickstarter campaign when it COMES will have the privilege of choosing any card design that will be finalized in one of the expansions (for example, you could ask me to create your own university or your favorite landmark as a setting in “Kaverini”, and, provided you contribute, I will make it into a real card!)

(5) In the meantime, a question for you: what sort of settings would YOU like to see in the future of the game? Your enthusiasm and ideas are what keeps innovation and the human spirit alive!

Brugge Flag

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