Vlaanderen Adventure Box Release Information

So what’s going on?

I originally intended the game to be published on the 12th of August, but this fizzled for two reasons (1) publisher concerns and (2) the fact that I had to undertake a family visit to the Midwest.

Furthermore, I will be in Iceland over the course of this week. And so the release will come about NEXT week (during the 20+Xth of August, or something like that).

But I assure you, this is IT when it comes to postponing the release.

When that happens, the links above will be updated with links to purchase the game and to view the new, clearer rulebook AND adventure book for FREE, as well as the reference guide.

The adventure book and the reference guide, obviously, contain spoilers!

Also, two video tutorials: (1) A playthrough of a confrontation and rule overview and (2) speaking Dutch.

In the meantime, a few goodies:

From the April 2015 playtest, this returns in the box!


The Lion of Flanders, in one of its forms:

Flemish Lion, Untamed

If you can’t read it too well, don’t worry, it will be legible when you are holding the card in your hand.

Aurora Australis

What could this be for? And what is it referencing?

So that you know, each adventure box will have a card that will be a nod to the next one coming out!

Stay tuned for more info!

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