Kaverini: Coming to the Game-A-Con, Atlantic City, November 2015!

Alas, I do have some bad news: Due to an illness, I was unable to create the full card set of “Kaverini: The Adventure Begins” before the 20th of November (which is, incidentally, my birthday).

For those of you wondering exactly what “The Adventure Begins” is, it is a recreation of all of the cards from the Microsoft Beta Test on April 29, 2015, in which the first-ever playable version of Kaverini was brought to the public eye.

That said…well…almost all…there were twelve cards from the set that would give me cease-and-desist letters if they were published (namely, they were well-known characters from various countries that were protected under copyright law).

As a result, these twelve have no choice but to be cut from the set…but…BUT!

If you go to the Game-A-Con, you are welcome to submit ideas as to what you would like to see made as a card.

Heck, even if you don’t go, you’re welcome to suggest something.

What I want:

  • Items (associated with any specific place in the world)
  • Settings (places you may or may not have been)
  • Any ideas for characters (can be well-known symbols, famous people or folklore characters, a type of class associated with a specific place, like the Swiss Guard at the Vatican, or abstract concepts associated with a place).

I have some hard-set rules as to what will never go into form as a Kaverini character or card:

  • People whom are currently living (especially live politicians)
  • Nazis
  • Anything that otherwise gratuitously violates the boundaries of good taste (e.g. racism and its ilk).

The final submissions will be printed in the set with oyur name on it, if I choose to accept it.

One card from the next adventure box has already been inspired by one of the most influential teachers of my life:

Austin announcement

Kaverini will come for the first time to North America!

In particular, Austin, Texas!

Remember this?

Ye Shall Know the Truth

The Six Flags (best known for now being the namesake of an amusement park franchise) represent the six flags that have historically flown over Texas, one of which has been bowdlerized out of existence by my imaginary censors (and you can guess which one). Well, you want to see what I do with it? You’ll have to wait.

The tagline, The Truth Shall Set You Free, is a reference to an inscription found on one of the central buildings of the University of Texas at Austin, which is replicated in the teaser above.

That inscription is the seed from which the entire plot of the Austin adventure box was hatched. Seed? Hatch? Ugh. Never mind.

Anyhow, two more adventure boxes planned, and then I’m going to focus on marketing. Code names are “Dragon” and “Rascal”, and they will be announced in the Wesleyan University Alumni Magazine!

Get excited!

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