2016, Kaverini and You

Here I am, writing from Atlantic City, after the conference has concluded with positive results indeed.

A timeline of things to come:

  • Late 2015, “Kaverini: The Adventure Begins” will be released to the public! Unlike the adventure boxes, this one will come in randomized packs only

The contents of this set will be the Alpha Playtest from April 2015, plus others to replace those cards that would have violated copyright!

All continents will be represented in the set!


(The black-and-white color scheme? What regional flag could that be?)

  • After that, Kaverini: Austin (The Truth Shall Set You Free) will be released!

This box will involve:

  1. An Adventure Box Going to North America for the first time!
  2. A card that has infinite HP.
  3. A card that is made to mimic the frustration of having your computer break down.
  4. Optional rules, to be used in the adventure booklet, for warping timelines! (Too complicated to explain in details)
  5. This box is brought to you by the letter G…or, rather, the various ways you can pronounce it!
  6. A setting card called “Outer Space”


Kaverini: Krakow (Dragons Have Feelings, Too)


Kaverini: PNG (????????????????????)

This box will introduce a new card type!


And here’s the big one:



The country chosen is my favorite country (if I had to pick a favorite!)

Excitedly yours,


Jared Gimbel

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