Antarctica Reference Guide (Spoilers!)

(The spoiler can be found here:


Deception Island – That’s how it would appear on a map, top-down view.

Flat Stanley – “Jared Te Queremos” was a song written by my Spanish housemates in Poland. Dumb Bell (Vlaanderen) and Rogue Remote-Controlled Airplane (the first Kaverini Card I ever drew) both make their appearances in the background.

Gear Box – Five gears, five colors…well, if you know something about hobby gaming I’ll just…stop here…(okay, OKAY! Magic: the Gathering reference)

h@mm3R dooD – His brother from Belgium can be admired here. The professor of astronomy is a reference to Marhsall C. Johnson, the primary consultant for the “Austin” Adventure Box”

Ice Tongue – it’s actually an ice peninsula if you consulted the Internet. The art of this card? Took a different direction. And a predictable one.

Nathaniel Hawthorne = Yeah, that A is red for a reason.

The Apple Union – That was the year my parents got married.

Trouble Desk – Techniques reference a well-known song that I never wish I heard. That’s a Lemon on the computer instead of another fruit you probably expected.

Quiet Sector – That’s the “p” for “pianissimo”, familiar to musicians around the world, to the infinity power.

Vivianne – That hit song really exists. In a cold place somewhere. Can’t write anything more about it.

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