Austin Adventure Box Released!


As a gift to the world for the day that comes once every four years, it is my pleasure to show you the box that has danced into the world at long last!

For those curious, the left-side image is the University Tower, and on the right you can see a pool of turtles, which is a familiar sight to anyone who has ever visited the city and hopped around the educational district.

The box will include your best-known Texan heroes (including the namesake of the box), as well as the standard American diet (which will have better effects on your characters in the game then the real things would on your real-life body), and certainly not least, Gerbils, Turtles and…well, a setting that has no artwork at all, you’ll have to get the box and find out what it is!

As I continue forward into developing the Krakow adventure box, I’ll have your questions about that answered. For those unaware, my first real position out of college was working as a museum translator and tour guide in Poland, so this game now returns to the place where my professional journey started!

Buy the Austin adventure box by clicking on the Product Catalogue above!

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