FAQ: Upcoming Kaverini Krakow Adventure Box

Krakow? What’s there to see?

Castles, trumpets, holy places, empty chairs, sadness, mirth, grandeur, awe and delicious food…everything a tourist place should be! Look, this page isn’t supposed to be a brochure. If you’re expecting to learn more about Polish culture, buy the box when it comes out. It’ll answer a significant amount of your questions.

Cool! Why did you pick it?

Right out of college I, like many others, got a lot of job rejections. During Hurricane Irene in August 2011 I was in a library in a small Connecticut town, the only place for a long while that had any type of electricity.

One fine afternoon I got news that I had been accepted into an educational Program in Krakow. Coming from a Jewish family, I heard one too many rumors about it being a very xenophobic and hateful place. In my experience, none of it had any inch of truth in the least.

Being the root of my entire professional development, I owe the city of Krakow something, as well as Polish culture in general. (I say this as if I haven’t been a walking advertisement for the Polish tourist board ever since I adjusted myself to life in Poland).

Krakow, consider this your love letter. And I’m sorry in advance if it can’t contain everything.

Heard a thing or two about the football rivalry in Krakow, and I wondered if …


Will Schindler be featured at all?

Considered it, but after a while I really thought that effort would be better spent portraying other aspects of what Krakow is and was. “Schindler’s List” has significant repute in its own right. The places where it was filmed are now filled with so many tourists during high season that you can barely walk through them. This box will go elsewhere.

On this note, don’t expect WWII and communism to be central to the box’s plot.

That Salt Mine I’ve heard so much about …


Will (INSERT POLITICIAN’S NAME HERE) be featured in the…?

Certainly not by name, no. Really, really, REALLY don’t count on it. “Kaverini” is not supposed to be divisive, it is supposed to celebrate cultures and the world.

What famous Poles will be featured in the box?

It’s a SECRET! Okay, I’ll tell you this much. Enough so that I needed to include a card on how to pronounce their names.

Dragon of Krakow


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