How to Create Your Character in “Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures”

How many of you have been confused by complicated character creation systems?

Allow me to introduce you to something simpler that you can enjoy!

Let me tell you how you create your own character in “Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures” and the other future entries in the mobile series! If you’d like to find more about the mobile adventures, click here!

If you donate, you could possibly even end up with one of the cute characters on merchandise of your choosing!

Anyhow, let’s get you excited…


  • You choose your character


Your character is represented by a simple sprite that has some animations in it. Here are some of the playable character sprites featured in the trailer.





If you don’t like any of the twenty total characters that are on offer, or if you would prefer to play as any of the NPC sprites that fit, you are welcome to use those instead by hacking into the phone and creating your own character in the folder!

(Be careful to use blank backgrounds as opposed to white ones, however! Tutorials will be included in the final game!)


  • You then pick one of the following abilities


Your ability stays with you throughout the rest of the game, and there are ways to get additional abilities, but they are quite difficult!

The abilities are as follows:


Sensitive – Your character will take and deal double damage. Damage is referred to as “Schmerz” in the Kaverini series, referring to pain of any variety (although in your case, you won’t be violent, now, would you). Good for strategies that require stalling.

Insensitive – Your character will take and deal half Schmerz. Good if you like confrontations done quick.

Psychic –  Your character can look at all of the details of any Foe currently in a confrontation. What this means: certain foes are weak or resistant to certain techniques, and may have special abilities and techniques that you can only know about by confronting them. In this case, you can know what all of these details are and can plan accordingly. Good for strategizing.

Confidence – The first technique in any confrontation that would otherwise harm your character does nothing at all instead. Free turn!

Chutzpah – The first technique that deals Schmerz to your character causes the source of that technique to take half that amount of Schmerz. If you’re afraid of big nasty monsters, take this ability.

Lagom– Techniques executed by your character can have their Schmerz divided among the adversaries at the discretion of its controller, instead of it all being allotted to one adversary. So if you use a technique that deals 2 Schmerz, you can deal 1 Schmerz to each of two Foes instead. Use if you believe that confronting multiple foes is painful and should be avoided.

Focused – Your character gets 1 extra point to spend each time while levelling up. No benefit in confrontations, but will let you progress more quickly. More on leveling up below!

Passionate – If your character uses an emotional technique for the first time in a confrontation, that technique automatically triggers its special effect.


  • You write three things about your character.


So no matter what, you will have a character with some variety of story behind it! These facts will appear on the passport (which serves as the inventory, character sheet, and other things). Do not worry, you CANNOT lose your passport in the game!


  • You choose your emotional techniques.


You start with three emotional techniques at level 1. The highest they can go is level 10. There are fourteen different techniques, which you can read about here. Each one has a different special effect tied to it: (

The techniques: (1) get stronger with your level, (2) determine some aspects of gameplay outside of the confrontation system and (3) you can level them up to not only deal more Schmerz, but ALSO to increase the chances that their special effect will activate!

Keep in mind that you CANNOT activate the same technique’s special effect twice in a row. (This was in part so that some technique could not shut down foes permanently when used continuously).


  • Determine HP, E and H


HP = Hit Points

E – Emotion (you always deal extra Schmerz depending on how high your “E” is)

H – Heart (Foes deal you less Schmerz depending on how high your “H” is)


Your HP starts at 20, and your E and H both at 0. You level them up by leveling up your character, whereupon you get a number of points equal to your new level.


You spend those points:

  • To increase your HP
  • To increase your E
  • To increase your H
  • To get new levels in emotional techniques.

To level up an emotional technique, you need to spend an amount of points equal to the new level. So leveling up a Level 1 Comic Silly technique to level 2 would cost 2 points, a Cheer technique from level 9 to level 10 would cost 10 points.

You can also activate additional emotional technique ladders for 1 point each.

You start the game at level 1 (Level 0, technically, and then you acquire level 1 upon completing the character creation process). You can spend that one point as you wish, either getting an extra hit point, +1 E, +1 H, or getting a fourth emotional technique ladder as a starting character!

Overall, the Emotional Technique system does serve to aid character development as well as a touch of your own personal flair in which you can hone your character to a specific play style!


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