June 21st: A Message on the National Day of Greenland (Nunatta Ullua)

Today is the National Day of Greenland, and the first time I’m celebrating Nunatta Ullua while my dream game is, at long last, in the works!

Since 2013, when I discovered Greenlandic Culture and West Greenlandic thanks to looking at travel books in the Woodbridge Town Library, I began a journey that proceeded to change the way I look at everything.

The music, TV shows, films and documentaries are all infused with an extraordinary sense of humanity and humility, as well as the understanding that despite the fact that we have smartphones and the ability to shape nature, the human race is not nearly as powerful as we ever believe it to be.

I’ve sampled music from over sixty countries. I’ve said it too many times and I’ll say it again: Greenland has the best popular music in the world, bar none.

The works of composers and visionaries such as Nanook, Rasmus Lyberth, Sume, Siissisoq and of course Marc Fussing Rosbach (the primary music composer of “Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures”‘s soundtrack to boot!) , among way too many others to list, never fail to touch me. Never could a musical canon be so varied, with the most powerful tear-jerkers and songs of realizing the joy and novelty of life.

And I haven’t even touched on the many facets of the culture portrayed in other works, including children’s shows, horror films, inspirational short films and comedy.

I could have chosen many other places to set my first-ever video game in the series. I couldn’t be happier that I made that choice with Kalaallit Nunaat, a land that bears a culture that touches upon all of our questions and conundrums about what it is to live in 2017 and beyond.


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One thought on “June 21st: A Message on the National Day of Greenland (Nunatta Ullua)

  1. Eva Newermann

    Do you live in Greenland? Greetings from Eva in Norway


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