Announcing: Kaverini Nauru Adventures!

Kaverini Nauru Adventures logo

Today is the 50th birthday of Nauru, the world’s smallest independent republic! 🇳🇷

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been working intermittently on an small RPG Maker Game (that has a lot of elements of parody and “stylistic suck”) that is a part of the Kaverini series.

Nuuk Adventures is a joint project between multiple companies (one of the companies [that has recently recruited me] is wrapping up their current project right now before putting effort into my / our Greenlandic epic).

Nauru adventures my own personal creation that will also feature piano music written and improvised by me!

I already designed all of Nauru and put it in a game world, and I can’t wait to share it with you! It will, much like “Nuuk Adventures”, feature elements that reflect on capitalism, colonialism and what it is to be human in the contemporary world.

The Kaverini Games, as a team member said, are “not just games”. They reflect sentiments that “the world needs to hear”

This game may feature: (1) hilarious tie-ins to my other proects (2) a song I wrote that is so catchy that I’ve had to ban MYSELF from singing it (3) characters modeled after traditional Micronesian artwork (4) Internet humor and fourth-wall breaking to very high degrees, and most importantly (5) probably the most heartbreaking final dungeon you’ll ever experience (I showed someone this and there is NO way you won’t get emotional…)

Happy birthday, Nauru!

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