The Little Things! Kaverini Nuuk Adventures DLC Coming 1 April 2019!

After reviewing the plot for “Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures” it occurs to me that there is a sheer over-representation of macro-organisms (e.g. humans, ptarmigans, seals) and not enough micro-organisms.

To that end, after the game’s intended Holiday 2018 release, I will also be creating downloadable content in which you will venture the fantastic world of the microbes that live in the vast Greenlandic ice sheet.

Your micro-organism, like in the main series, is a character you name yourself, but unlike in the Kaverini main series game, your character is a single pixel (you will still be able to play through the main plot and other downloadable content, this is a “postgame”).

You can also split your micro-organisms into as many characters as the phone’s disk space will allow for and give them ALL types of names! Pick any color for your pixel! Befriend many other creatures found within the ice and discover Greenland beyond the cities, the culture, the people and the animal wildlife!

Coming 1 April 2019!


(Okay, in all seriousness, April Fools! Partnered with a company to invest, after their game comes out we’ll have a better idea of when Nuuk Adventures will hit the market. Right now it is projected to be Holiday 2018. After the game’s release all of the gifts will be sent in addition to bonuses because of the delays. 🙂 )

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