Announcing: AfTzuLakhes: the Takeover!

Hello again wonderful people!

Presenting this new collectible card game that is very budget friendly, very user friendly and very balanced!

“AfTzuLakhes: the Takeover”!

One complaint many people have about CCG’s is that they are big money investments and tend to have complicated rules as well. Never fear, AfTzuLakhes is here! AfTzuLakhes is an ancient Yiddish adverb that refers to doing something precisely because people don’t want you to do it.

No Yiddish or Hebrew knowledge required to play this game, however…because all of the cards are generated by YOU! The players!

All you need to do is use the blank template provided (see image no. 2) and make a deck of however many cards you like.

What are the rules? Well, the rules are exactly whatever you want them to be! That said, the general spirit behind AfTzuLakhes was to create a “Last Player Standing” gaming environment, in which everyone else leaves the game as a result of time constraints, sheer frustration or anything else you can think of (plus a lot more!)

– No turns!

– No phases!

– Your deck is EXACTLY what you want it to be! You want to be a lord of dragons? Great! You want to make a deck based on getting other players to give you the nuclear codes or credit card information? Wonderful!

– Make your own win condition! That’s not my department!

– Make cards with the official card back (see Image no. 1) or otherwise have fun making as many card backs as you’d like!

There is a community-generated banned list that is honored in some circles, however. Cards that don’t receive enough downvotes in the first year of their being posted may be eligible for the banned list. Yes. You need sufficient downvotes to be considered ineligible for being banned. You read that correctly.

Find more about AfTzuLakhes: the Takeover from your local game store* on April 29th! Get ready to CAUSE CHAOS!

* The store actually has to be in a game. Hence, game store. I know of one. Several, in fact. Talk to me some other time.

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