Announcing: Happy Seals!

Happy April 1st everyone!

The widely anticipated game HAPPY SEALS, absolutely not a parody of any well-known 2010’s browser games as far as I can tell.

In it, you can play as a number of cute roly-poly animals or machines in user-generated courses. Because NOTHING brings out the best in people better than having them make their own stuff and post it online under anonymous identities for the whole world to see! (Consider this my gift to the world to help fight against all that negativity out there, yeech!)

The game will be free but for a small fee of 5 USD, you can get the premium version: Happy Seals Diamond Platinum Definitive Edition 3.5 Remastered Remake!

So how does the game work? Simple. Your goal in any level is to reach the end, but the physics work differently in comparison to, let’s say, your ordinary Mario Game. When your character gets injured or hurt in any way, be it with obstacles or falls or whatever, well…we decided to take a more realistic approach to physics and injuries than most games. In order to ensure that the game is friendly for the younger folks, however, the usage of the censorship screen will be liberally applied in such cases, as in, blotting out the whole screen. Don’t worry, you can always restart the level.

Happy Seals launches April 29th*!

* Offer available only in certain in-game universes.

* Offer may not be available in your universe / dimension / plane of existence.

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