Kaverini Day 2022 Roundup! Announcing: Kaverini Java Edition!

Nine years ago today I started sketching an idea for a Role-Playing Game that would eventually turn into the Kaverini series. To celebrate, here’s a rundown of new features touched upon in the direct.

Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures

New patch coming out around June 21st 2022 in honor of Greenland’s National day. Will include typo fixes and some minor adjustments. The patch will be applied to the itch.io and Steam versions.

Kaverini: Uvira

Will be an IOS/Android exclusive. Expected cost is $5, we are hoping to make it free to users from anywhere in Africa. Various new features include:

  • A health meter (goes from bright green to bright red to note the health of the enemy you are “fighting”).
  • Happy Club International, your host organization during your time in the DRC. You are an initiate for the organization and have to complete four missions before getting a surprise reward in addition to being made a full member.
  • Each of the four missions is a different story set in Congo Kinshasa / the DRC. Each of the four missions has a companion character that is unique to it and will be your companion for the whole of the mission. This is a departure from the Nuuk Adventures framework in which you get multiple companions and can cycle through them.
  • The first mission focuses on the story of Nicodem, a student who cares for orphans. As he is deeply religious (despite Kaverini being a secular game), he may take out his holy book and read you various inspiring verses, all having various effects. The other three will remain a secret for now.
  • Various confrontations will have Locations that will impact strategic elements of the game. Among these include a forest, a volcano and a beach.
  • There are twenty pre-made characters that are unique to Kaverini: Uvira. The character sprites from Uvira and Nuuk are the same size (64×64) and thus all forty characters are compatible with both games.
  • The fourteen techniques from Nuuk Adventures will return, as well custom characters, pets and custom techniques.
  • Expected Launch: Late Fall 2022

Kaverini: Nauru Adventures

  • GameBoy-styled DeMake for itch.io.
  • Open-world game.
  • Expected Launch: Some time in 2023.

Kaverini 4 will be set in…

  • Action-RPG (not turn-based)
  • Open world
  • There may or may not be plans for a Bali DLC.
  • Expected Launch: 2022 + n.
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