(Updated 29 February 2016)

How Many Kaverini Games Are there?

Currently I am working on expansion materials for the Kaverini Physical Edition, which will be played with cards, dice, books, and your imaginations. The contents of the adventure boxes can be used to go through an adventure or play against your friends. The former is the Kaverini Adventure Game, and the latter is the Kaverini Strategy Game.

Three different types of products will be released for the Kaverini Physical Edition: (1) Adventure Boxes (have cards and more than one adventure, and all the cards in a set) (2) Tour Packages (random selections of 60 or so cards from a set)and (3) Road to Adventure Packs (random selections of 15 cards or so from a set)

Furthermore, adventure boxes will come in two editions: one with dice and one without.

At some point Kaverini Mobile Edition will come out in multiple iterations, as well as Kaverini Computer Editionbut before these are even planned, the Physical Edition needs to be something that I can be proud of and you can have fun with.

I have also toyed with the idea of having a live-action Kaverini

Why is this game different from all other games?

Back when I was living in Dossenheim, a small middle-class but pretty village slightly north of Heidelberg, Germany, I sometimes had to walk an hour to class (and an hour back) when the public transport personnel decided to strike. My feet were quite upset by it, but my imagination was not, and while walking on the bike paths, I thought of how I could combine everything I like about games and make…THE game that I’ve always dreamed of playing.

Educational, non-violent, infinite player character choices, funny, and culturally aware…I originally sketched Kaverini as a video game series but then I thought (with the help of my wonderful friend Seth Alter’s advice) that it would be easier for me to develop a physical game first, and test it in that stage so that the cruel process of rewriting code wouldn’t be an issue.

…Infinite Characters? Huh?

I don’t know about you, but I see one element of an addictive game as giving the player lots of choices. So in this game, you can play as…pretty much any character you want. The characters that you play as are called Kaverit. You can play as your favorite housepet, you could play as yourself, any toy, any animal, anything you can draw, or even use copyrighted characters from other franchises if you want.

ALSO! You can give your characters any superpower you want as well. More on that in the rulebook. (See “Custom Techniques”)

Are you a good computer person?

In all likelihood, not in the way you would think of. Can I code? No. Not yet. This is going to change after rehearsal with Unity 3D, though.

I saw your language blog. Do I need to know any foreign languages to play your game?

Localization is a bit far away right now, so right now I’m working on an English edition only. The short answer is no. The adventure packets will come with a phrasebook for some locations, but this is primarily for the purpose of earning World Points (you role-play well to get usable rewards in your adventure).

There will be some foreign language words used in some of the cards, but their meaning will be very clear from context, and those that seem difficult to pronounce will be annotated accordingly so you can read them even if you don’t speak the language. (e.g. Foes, names of Foes’ Techniques may have a nod to the local language).


How many Adventure Boxes are on the market now?

Three, as well as one expansion set: Vlaanderen (Belgium), Antarctica, and Austin (Texas). Buy them using the product catalogue above!

Can I Pre-Order products?

The idea is very likely indeed to be implemented!

What other products are on the horizon?

I am currently developing “Kaverini: Krakow Adventure Box” and sketching “Kaverini: PNG Adventure Box” (Papua New Guinea)

How Much will an Adventure Box cost and what will it contain?

There will be two versions of the first Adventure Box, one without and one with the dice necessary to play (the one without is necessary for people who may have their own set of dice already from other Role-Playing Games).

The version with the dice is about $38. The one without is about $34.

Future adventure boxes from Antarctica onwards will have fewer cards and will thereby cost 4-8 fewer dollars. The dice will also NOT be contained in the box, so you will need to find your own elsewhere.

The Tour Packages have prices yet to be determined. “Kaverini: The Adventure Begins” has 18-card “Road to Adventure Packs” that costs 6 dollars apiece.

Can I create my own adventure?

Sure! And if you want to create your own cards and use them alongside the ones in the box, or mix ones from different boxes together, you are more than welcome to! I can’t promise you that you’ll think of a better plot than I have, though…

When will you release the rulebook to the public?

Rulebook available here. Character Sheets available in the rulebook as well as for download here. If you cannot open them, go to the host site from the Game Crafter and read it from there.

Copyright 2015-2016, Jared Gimbel, WorldWhile Comics and Kaverini Korp

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