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In the year 201:), a tourist gets off the plane to Nuuk, ready to explore the Greenlandic capital with gusto. However, within minutes they realize their luggage has gone missing…one plot thread leads to another, and…well…why don’t you find out?

Come along on a fantastical, mythical journey in the contemporary “Inuit Nunaat”, Land of People, as you encounter a JRPG-styled nostalgic hand-drawn world heavily inspired by places in Greenland you can visit today!

You can even draw your own character into the game files, adopt an arctic pet (oh, and draw your dream pet in the game files as well!)

Thirteen non-violent emotional techniques to defeat foes with, including one you can name yourself, all of which can be leveled up with snazzy animations and jingles to boot!

The characters, the culture and the atmosphere? Yup, all echoes of the real Greenland all right. Filled with facts and quizzes about the world’s largest island and beyond! Featuring original music by Greenlandic composers, alongside timeless classics anyone from there will recognize!

You don’t need four dozen passport stamps to realize that “Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures” is one of the best edutainment games you’ll ever play! Perhaps an I-R-L trip to the Arctic may soon follow!

Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures does NOT collect any user data. The surveys posed by non-player-characters (NPC’s) in the game are for entertainment purposes only.


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