Kaverini: The Adventure Begins!

Shop Backdrop ADventure begins


Happy 2016!

There is only so much that can be done in the face of ever-changing illnesses.



After having the project setbacks for nearly two months, “Kaverini: The Adventure Begins”, an expansion containing 72 cards from the original beta playtest, will be making its way to your tables!

Things you should know:

(1) The purchase link should be available on the product page at some point before January closes.

(2) Some of the art featured is from the original beta playtest, to capture the feeling of a “new exciting” (although perhaps a bit misguided) adventure.

(3) There are some issues with the packaging, it may be that you will purchase the packs online and have it shipped to you accordingly, as if from a second-hand buyer. That said, just keep in mind of all of the carbon-based lifeforms that will be saved on account of it!

And, the first-ever power foe featured on this website, redone!

Compare the first version:

Dragon of Krakow

And this:

Dragon of Krakow

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2016, Kaverini and You

Here I am, writing from Atlantic City, after the conference has concluded with positive results indeed.

A timeline of things to come:

  • Late 2015, “Kaverini: The Adventure Begins” will be released to the public! Unlike the adventure boxes, this one will come in randomized packs only

The contents of this set will be the Alpha Playtest from April 2015, plus others to replace those cards that would have violated copyright!

All continents will be represented in the set!


(The black-and-white color scheme? What regional flag could that be?)

  • After that, Kaverini: Austin (The Truth Shall Set You Free) will be released!

This box will involve:

  1. An Adventure Box Going to North America for the first time!
  2. A card that has infinite HP.
  3. A card that is made to mimic the frustration of having your computer break down.
  4. Optional rules, to be used in the adventure booklet, for warping timelines! (Too complicated to explain in details)
  5. This box is brought to you by the letter G…or, rather, the various ways you can pronounce it!
  6. A setting card called “Outer Space”


Kaverini: Krakow (Dragons Have Feelings, Too)


Kaverini: PNG (????????????????????)

This box will introduce a new card type!


And here’s the big one:



The country chosen is my favorite country (if I had to pick a favorite!)

Excitedly yours,


Jared Gimbel

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Kaverini: Coming to the Game-A-Con, Atlantic City, November 2015!

Alas, I do have some bad news: Due to an illness, I was unable to create the full card set of “Kaverini: The Adventure Begins” before the 20th of November (which is, incidentally, my birthday).

For those of you wondering exactly what “The Adventure Begins” is, it is a recreation of all of the cards from the Microsoft Beta Test on April 29, 2015, in which the first-ever playable version of Kaverini was brought to the public eye.

That said…well…almost all…there were twelve cards from the set that would give me cease-and-desist letters if they were published (namely, they were well-known characters from various countries that were protected under copyright law).

As a result, these twelve have no choice but to be cut from the set…but…BUT!

If you go to the Game-A-Con, you are welcome to submit ideas as to what you would like to see made as a card.

Heck, even if you don’t go, you’re welcome to suggest something.

What I want:

  • Items (associated with any specific place in the world)
  • Settings (places you may or may not have been)
  • Any ideas for characters (can be well-known symbols, famous people or folklore characters, a type of class associated with a specific place, like the Swiss Guard at the Vatican, or abstract concepts associated with a place).

I have some hard-set rules as to what will never go into form as a Kaverini character or card:

  • People whom are currently living (especially live politicians)
  • Nazis
  • Anything that otherwise gratuitously violates the boundaries of good taste (e.g. racism and its ilk).

The final submissions will be printed in the set with oyur name on it, if I choose to accept it.

One card from the next adventure box has already been inspired by one of the most influential teachers of my life:

Austin announcement

Kaverini will come for the first time to North America!

In particular, Austin, Texas!

Remember this?

Ye Shall Know the Truth

The Six Flags (best known for now being the namesake of an amusement park franchise) represent the six flags that have historically flown over Texas, one of which has been bowdlerized out of existence by my imaginary censors (and you can guess which one). Well, you want to see what I do with it? You’ll have to wait.

The tagline, The Truth Shall Set You Free, is a reference to an inscription found on one of the central buildings of the University of Texas at Austin, which is replicated in the teaser above.

That inscription is the seed from which the entire plot of the Austin adventure box was hatched. Seed? Hatch? Ugh. Never mind.

Anyhow, two more adventure boxes planned, and then I’m going to focus on marketing. Code names are “Dragon” and “Rascal”, and they will be announced in the Wesleyan University Alumni Magazine!

Get excited!

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Antarctica Box Art + Next Setting Hint!

kaverini antarctica boxy box preview

This still has yet to be dolled up with the back box are.

I don’t know what either of the things on the other side are, but I recognize that thing in the middle as the ceremonial South Pole.

In the meantime, you have any idea where the next box would take place? Have a hint…

Ye Shall Know the Truth

Want to see another adventure box from another setting? Never too late to request it!

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Announcement: The Road to Adventure Begins!

One Jewish Holiday after another, and before you know it, it becomes difficult to remind yourself that your projects even exist.

2015-08-28 10.10.54

After some discussions about Kaverini within and without my friend circle, I have decided to take upon an additional product release.

The “Road to Adventure” packs, which will be released separately from the adventure boxes but will draw inspiration from then, will join the Kaverini product lineup!

For those of you unaware of what that is, I have decided to make a small piece of the cards from each adventure box available at random in little packs. For those of you familiar with Collectible Card Games, imagine something like “booster packs”.

Unlike with most other CCG’s, however, you can open a set of Road to Adventure packs, or even just one and begin playing a variant of the “Kaverini Strategy Game” right away!

I am still debating about the size of the packs, but one thing that is certain is that I will be including cards of all types in them.

The Emotional Technique guide will not be included, although each pack is likely to contain one World Point card or one “goodie”.

There will be one Power Foe allotted to each pack.


I have decided to doll-up the cards from the April 2015 Beta Showcase at Microsoft as a new set that is only purchasable via Road to Adventure Packs. 

In due time, I will also:

  • Reveal the location of the Adventure Box after “Antarctica”
  • Show the Antarctica box and a few cards from it.
  • Reveal the art of the Road to Adventure Packs.
  • Put the entire “Vlaanderen” spoiler online.

Well, enough talk. You want cards. Like this one, that will come in your adventures to Antarctica!

The Trouble Desk

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Vlaanderen Reference Guide. WARNING! Extraordinary Spoilers Ahead!






















Addiction – The picture depicts a scan of brain activity. Not just any brain, but a brain beset by the horrors of…you guessed it…addiction!

Atomium / Atomium, Turned Alive – The technique “Shield Sphere” is a reference to a Magic Card of the same name, which it resembles in function.

aXx d00d – The most popular piece of Art in the Flanders adventure box.

Beach Ball Brigade – When I encountered Brussels / Charleroi Airport for the first time, right in the terminal were beach balls hanging from the ceiling.

Belgian Chocolatier – The Evil Wafel God is on the tray.

Belgium Rail Train – With colors to match.

Bell Jar – Not exactly what an art director was looking for, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Blue Creature Band – There is a map of Belgium on the drum.

Blue Creature Club – Possibly inspired by a well-known Belgian franchise involving small blue things.

Brussels Fashion District – The cloths, the cloths!

Christoffel Plantijn  – One of the namesakes of the “Plantin en Moretus Museum”

Devil Drink – I might get sued for that name, but if I used the name of a copyrighted beverage I would get sued even harder.

Druon Antigoon, No Hand / Druon Antigoon, Yes Hand – The giant of Antwerp whose hand is one of the primary landmarks of the city. Dispatched by Silvius Brabo.

Fearless Leader – Inspired by a keepsake I received once when I assisted a children’s puppet show when I was working in Poland.

Flemish Lion, Untamed – A sinister version of the Flemish Lion, found on the flags of Flanders. Also visible, although less sinister, on the Vlaanderen Adventure Box Art.

Galeries Royales St-Hubert – The fact that the numbers are 302 and 303 are a reference to Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography. The Kaverini Slogan is also sprayed as a graffito with some significant changes.

Grand Place –  Bird’s-Eye-View of the flower carpets that periodically grace the square.

Holy Mackerel – Corrections are for comic effect. Faint Hebrew words in the background reading “Holy, holy, holy”, from Isaiah Chapter 6.

Hibschy the Really Cute Bird!!! – German “Hübsch” = “Cute”

Jack of Diamonds – Jack in the Box + well-known character from a film somewhere.

Jan Breydel – One of the Bruges Matins’ leaders, inspired by the statue in the Markt in Bruges.

Jan van Eyck – Don’t lie and say you don’t recognize that painting.

Jan Van Eyckplein – It’s in Bruges. That’s the statue.

Jan Moretus – One of the namesakes of the “Plantin en Moretus Museum”

Land of Strange Delusions and Other Things – Woody Guthrie.

King Leopold I – Belgium and Germany buttons on his coat instead of medals, inspired by one of his paintings. The collar design has absolutely no reference to anything whatsoever.

Pandora’s Box –The idea of it being a cardboard box? What? You don’t like that?

Phil the Curious Elephant – The name “Phil” references the word for “elephant” in Hebrew and Arabic.

Pieter de Coninck – One of the Bruges Matins’ leaders, inspired by the statue in the Markt in Bruges.

Plantin en Moretus Museum – The museum in Antwerp that houses the world’s oldest printing presses. The displays look like that picture.

Postcard – Swedish introduction, “as bilong mi” is Tok Pisin for “My House” (Tok Pisin = Pidgin English of Papua New Guinea) and that address is a museum I worked at once.

Schild en Vriend ­– The tongue twister, meaning “Shield and Friend”, responsible for the Flemish victory of the Bruges Matins. The shield has a cartoon Flemish Lion on it.

St. Baaf – Inspired by a painting. He’s also the patron saint of Falconers, even if he doesn’t seem too comfortable with it.

Taxation – The small font inspired by tax codes around the world. The illustration was inspired by my friend Daniel Scherban who, in middle school (or our closest equivalent) would amass “armies” of robots which were represented by writing the number “9” over and over again and then frequent multiplier and/or exponent marks. (The idea was to say “these are how many killer robots I have”).

The Diamond District – I recall a sign with something like the illustration on it. Also, the Saturday-no-effect clause is a reference to the fact that there are many people who work in that area who are Jewish and very religious.

The Giant’s Hand / Giant’s Hand Awakened – That landmark in Antwerp.

Tourist Bag – Logo inspired by something I actually saw in Bruges.

Unsightly Exhibit – My freshman year of college at Wesleyan University I would have a mail server that would constantly swap out images for “This Image Has Been Removed for Security Reasons”. I found a new home for those words here, although not with the same font.

The Lamb of God – The primary focus of the Gent Altarpiece, probably the most famous piece of art in all of Belgium. The platform resembles the one in the painting, as does the green background.

Weezl Worm – That best friend, see “King Leopold I”.

Xenophobia – Illustration of Earth taken from the back of “All-Flag” cards in the game

Zbigniew – The comic book is viewable for free at the website of WorldWhile Comics. Now if you can find which book it is…

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Vlaanderen Adventure Box Release Information

So what’s going on?

I originally intended the game to be published on the 12th of August, but this fizzled for two reasons (1) publisher concerns and (2) the fact that I had to undertake a family visit to the Midwest.

Furthermore, I will be in Iceland over the course of this week. And so the release will come about NEXT week (during the 20+Xth of August, or something like that).

But I assure you, this is IT when it comes to postponing the release.

When that happens, the links above will be updated with links to purchase the game and to view the new, clearer rulebook AND adventure book for FREE, as well as the reference guide.

The adventure book and the reference guide, obviously, contain spoilers!

Also, two video tutorials: (1) A playthrough of a confrontation and rule overview and (2) speaking Dutch.

In the meantime, a few goodies:

From the April 2015 playtest, this returns in the box!


The Lion of Flanders, in one of its forms:

Flemish Lion, Untamed

If you can’t read it too well, don’t worry, it will be legible when you are holding the card in your hand.

Aurora Australis

What could this be for? And what is it referencing?

So that you know, each adventure box will have a card that will be a nod to the next one coming out!

Stay tuned for more info!

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The New Card Design

Brugge Flag

This was the previous card design used in testing.

In the final version of the adventure box, you will be treated to this instead. Note the differences:

Brugge Flag

The publisher is smoothing the cards around the edges and so what you will get in the final box will have the border within a reasonable distance from the box.

And that number at the bottom? That is the Expense Number, used for the Strategy Game.

For the Strategy Game (although it is irrelevant for the Adventure Game), each card has a rating. Players will choose a number (say, 100) and then they will select cards for their teams with the grand total of their expenses being 100 (if there is a remainder, they may buy World Points (one World Point will costs 1 expense point, the same way that Brugge Flag costs 9).

The art style and the font have also been changed accordingly. The font was difficult because there are only so many popular fonts that can be used commercially…

The coming weeks will bring new previews!

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Kaverini Happenings and Other Stories for Summer 2015

Hello, hello!

It certainly has been a while since I posted on this (since the expo at Microsoft Times Square). Weighed down by schoolwork and other travails, plans have since been devised to transform Kaverini from a plan into a purchasable.

Between now and August 2015:

(1) I will be creating the materials for creating the first Kaverini adventure box! The title of the adventure will be “Vlaanderen: Flemish Lions and Loves” . Once all of the materials for the box have been finalized (art that I can be proud of, legal issues taken care of) a Kickstarter campaign or its ilk to begin the first print run will be on its way!

(2) The box will contain the materials needed for pre-written adventures in Bruges, Gent, Antwerp and Brussels, as well as enough cards for your imagination to take root.

(3) Furthermore, I have the Antarctica mini-Adventure looking to a similar fate.

(4) Those who contribute a certain amount or higher to the Kickstarter campaign when it COMES will have the privilege of choosing any card design that will be finalized in one of the expansions (for example, you could ask me to create your own university or your favorite landmark as a setting in “Kaverini”, and, provided you contribute, I will make it into a real card!)

(5) In the meantime, a question for you: what sort of settings would YOU like to see in the future of the game? Your enthusiasm and ideas are what keeps innovation and the human spirit alive!

Brugge Flag

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Possibly Playable for the Expo: Kaverini Antarctica Adventure!

For those of you who don’t know, I got beset by a gargantuan translation job over the weekend, and one that set my progress back for the Expo SIGNIFICANTLY (to say the least).

I owed you all an announcement as to what the other location playable at the booth will be. It is Antarctica. However, on account of the setback, it MAY or MAY NOT be featured! It primarily depends on how good my hand decides to feel (drawing can be difficult sometimes, typing as well. I was working almost non-stop over the past few days ever since I got the translation assignment…and not on this game, mind you!)

In any case, this card will show up in the strategy game selection:

McMurdo Station

This is based on the real-life American research station in Antarctica, which is the largest settlement on the continent! If you get lucky, you may be able to learn more about it two days from now!

Anyhow, I thought to appease you curious folks and to get you ready to play the game for the first time open to the public, let me share a rulebook excerpt on HOW TO CREATE YOUR CHARACTER:

Each character begins with three level 1 emotional techniques of the player’s choosing, 20 HP, and 0 of each Emotion and Heart.

The player may either choose one of the pre-drawn characters in the box (and give the character a name), or draw the character at his or her discretion (and give him/her a name).

When this is done, the player than does two things:

  • Writes three things about the character (so that it is more than just a picture and a name)
  • Choose one of the abilities (see “Abilities” below) for the character to permanently acquire”

(and as a bonus, the abilities you can choose from)

  • Sensitive: Kaverit and Foes that are sensitive take and deal double pain/Schmerz.
  • Insensitive: Kaverit and Foes that are insensitive take and deal half pain/Schmerz
  • Psychic: a Kaveri with Psychic can look at all of the details of any Foe card currently in a confrontation or bargain.
  • Confidence – The first technique that would otherwise harm a Kaveri or a Foe with Confidence does nothing at all.
  • Chutzpah – The first technique that deals Pain/Schmerz to a Kaveri or Foe with Chutzpah causes the source of that technique to take half that amount of Pain.
  • Lagom- Techniques executed by Kaverit or Foes with Lagom can have their Pain/Schmerz divided among the adversaries at the discretion of its controller, instead of it all being allotted to one adversary.
  • Focused – The character gets 1 extra point to spend each time while levelling up.
  • Passionate – If the Kaveri uses an emotional technique for the first time in a confrontation, that technique automatically triggers its special effect.

In the meantime, think about this: this is a game where you can play as nearly anything you can think up. So what will YOUR dream character be? Don’t forget about Custom Techniques, too! Read more about them (and the emotions) HERE.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Copyright 2015, Jared Gimbel, WorldWhile Comics and Kaverini Korp

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