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Belgium Welcomes You!

Adventures in this Box

  1. Brugge: the Blue Lion of the world’s most magical Belgian town greets you personally! Can you go through his quests to save the world before evil is awakened in all of its strength?
  2. Gent: People are being turned into flagpoles all around the city! What are you going to do about it? Do you have any idea who could be responsible?
  3. Antwerp: The legend says that the city was founded when a giant was dispatched, but popular rumor says that his return is nigh!
  4. Brussels: Small blue creatures are on the verge of dominating the world! Will you stand quietly by while they drive humanity into submission or will you be the biggest hero the world has ever seen?

Purchase the Vlaanderen Game Box:

Kaverini Vlaanderen Adventure Box (with dice)

Kaverini Vlaanderen Adventure Box (without dice)

Documents (required to play the game! If these do not work, click the links above and access the documents through there at the bottom of the page):

Kaverini Rulebook

Kaverini Character Sheet 

Vlaanderen Adventure Booklet (SPOILER OF SPOILERS!)

Vlaanderen Reference Guide

Buy this Game on Amazon! (Dice / No Dice)

Look at all of the cards you’ll get here!

2015-08-28 10.10.54

You’ll get this…and a lot more! If you buy this box!

2015-08-28 10.17.09

Flemish Lion, Untamed


Do Not Blame the Gods!

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Adventures in this box:

Well,there’s only one, actually. An overarching saga which will take you all the way from Ushuaia to the South Pole, and back again, and beyond!

Purchase the Antarctica Adventure Box!

(Adventure Booklet link on page above)


Reference Guide



The Trouble Desk

KAVERINI: The Adventure Begins

This is only available as Road to Adventure Packs / Tour Packages! 

Once upon a time, a student from Connecticut had an idea to put all of the elements he wanted in a game together, in one magnificent creation. That day was June 10, 2013. Nearly two years later, on April 29, 2015, that same student went to an exposition in Microsoft’s headquarters, bringing prototypes of his cards with him. The first-ever Kaverini character cards, and more, are contained in this set.

Purchase 18-card “Road to Adventure Packs” Here!



Ye Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Free!


Texas Capitol Building

Do you like Turtles? Do you like Gerbils? I thought you did! Then this is the gift for you! Treat yourself to something once in a while and…

Buy the adventure box here!

Reference Guide (coming soon!)


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