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June 10, 2013: The Day I Began Putting Sketches of a “Mystery Game” to Paper

Four years ago today, I was inspired by the possibility that I could bring my dream game into existence. And the one thing I needed at that time, before all else, were ideas.

I put to paper a list of things that I wanted in a game, including infinite playable characters, no violence, and a possibility to explore the many places I hold dear to my heart that exist within our world.

Beforehand, however, inspired by RPG’s in general, and having been thrust into country after country one year after the other for nearly four years, I had seen my life as that of a confused and curious protagonist of a game. I wondered what it would be like instead of, having to go classes every day or set up lesson plans for Introductory Yiddish for Kids, I would be able to fantastically interact with historical characters, mythical beasts, and thereby I wondered what every single city I visited would be if I were visiting it in a video game instead of real life.

The Kaverini Series is a testament to that vision, one that promises to bring the warmth and light of the many flavors of humanity to your table, your phone and your computers.

I never thought that I would have developed my vision as far as I did. I thought it would forever sit in my notes, not having been attended to, and having gone the way of the many other projects I let “sleep”.

“Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures” is happening, albeit with a lot of obstacles in the way. No doubt there will be many more, but here I am, telling you to bring your visions to life in any way you can. Conformity and fear can’t win in today’s world, and I know that none of you really want that sort of life for yourselves.

And it all begins with writing down ideas, nourished by your exploratory spirits, and having the willpower to bring it to life.

Here’s to your nourished dreams,

Jared Joseph Gimbel

June 10, 2017



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