What is Kaverini?

Kaverini Very Tentative Logo

Kaverini (Finnish for “My Friend”) is an educational game played with cards and characters in which the players take the role of tourists on an adventure gone terribly wrong in one of many cartoon versions of real-world locations.

The player characters (One is a Kaveri, two or more are Kaverit) are designed by each individual player with an illustration on the front of the card and a name.

As the adventure unfolds between the Kaverit (the Players) and the Tour Guide (the Game Master), the Kaverit will master emotional techinques to non-violently disarm threats that stand in the way of saving the day (or the week, year, or timeline), while befriending companions from the locations that they encounter.

  • Be Anything! Play as any character you can imagine! Draw it on your Kaveri card, give your character a name, and write three things about your character! Poof!
  • Do Anything! Give your character any ability with the “Custom Technique” Ladder! Defeat Villains by any means you can think up!
  • Go Anywhere! Buy Adventure Boxes that will take your Kaveri and the Kaverit of your friends to real-life faraway places! Each Box represents a different place with new cards, cultures, and inside jokes!
  • Play with Anybody! Play with your friends in the Kaverini Adventure Game, or play against your friends, their Kaverit and their collections of cards in the Kaverini Strategy Game!
  • Learn about the World! All aspects of the game world and the cards in each box are based on real-world locations and their nuances, languages, subcultures, and history!
  • Defeat Foes in places all throughout the world with the non-violent powers of your Emotional Techniques! Each of the 13 Emotions has a special power! Choose 3 Emotional Technique Ladders when you create your character!
  • Go through the Adventure Booklet in each Box to go through a titillating journey to save the universe! Each series of adventures will change the way you see the world forever!

Some sketches of sample cards, to give you an idea of what the game will look like:

Kaveri Card:

Hibschy the Really Cute Bird

Foe Card:

Rogue Remoted-Controlled Airplane

Companion Card:

Arik Einstein

Item Card:

Yule Juice

Setting Card:

Heidelberger Schlossgarten

Buddy Card:

Catchy Melody Ice Cream Truck

And last and definitely not least…a POWER FOE CARD!

Dragon of Krakow

IMPORTANT: These are the samples from the Beta Testing. The real cards have a different frame.

Copyright 2015, Jared Gimbel, WorldWhile Comics and Kaverini Korp

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  1. For those of you who have been redirected to this site seeking information as to what will be at the NYC Spring Expo, have a look here: https://kaverini.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/what-will-be-for-kaverini-at-the-playcrafting-expo-in-new-york-city/


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