Kaverini Day 2022 Roundup! Announcing: Kaverini Java Edition!

Nine years ago today I started sketching an idea for a Role-Playing Game that would eventually turn into the Kaverini series. To celebrate, here’s a rundown of new features touched upon in the direct.

Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures

New patch coming out around June 21st 2022 in honor of Greenland’s National day. Will include typo fixes and some minor adjustments. The patch will be applied to the itch.io and Steam versions.

Kaverini: Uvira

Will be an IOS/Android exclusive. Expected cost is $5, we are hoping to make it free to users from anywhere in Africa. Various new features include:

  • A health meter (goes from bright green to bright red to note the health of the enemy you are “fighting”).
  • Happy Club International, your host organization during your time in the DRC. You are an initiate for the organization and have to complete four missions before getting a surprise reward in addition to being made a full member.
  • Each of the four missions is a different story set in Congo Kinshasa / the DRC. Each of the four missions has a companion character that is unique to it and will be your companion for the whole of the mission. This is a departure from the Nuuk Adventures framework in which you get multiple companions and can cycle through them.
  • The first mission focuses on the story of Nicodem, a student who cares for orphans. As he is deeply religious (despite Kaverini being a secular game), he may take out his holy book and read you various inspiring verses, all having various effects. The other three will remain a secret for now.
  • Various confrontations will have Locations that will impact strategic elements of the game. Among these include a forest, a volcano and a beach.
  • There are twenty pre-made characters that are unique to Kaverini: Uvira. The character sprites from Uvira and Nuuk are the same size (64×64) and thus all forty characters are compatible with both games.
  • The fourteen techniques from Nuuk Adventures will return, as well custom characters, pets and custom techniques.
  • Expected Launch: Late Fall 2022

Kaverini: Nauru Adventures

  • GameBoy-styled DeMake for itch.io.
  • Open-world game.
  • Expected Launch: Some time in 2023.

Kaverini 4 will be set in…

  • Action-RPG (not turn-based)
  • Open world
  • There may or may not be plans for a Bali DLC.
  • Expected Launch: 2022 + n.
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Announcing: AfTzuLakhes: the Takeover!

Hello again wonderful people!

Presenting this new collectible card game that is very budget friendly, very user friendly and very balanced!

“AfTzuLakhes: the Takeover”!

One complaint many people have about CCG’s is that they are big money investments and tend to have complicated rules as well. Never fear, AfTzuLakhes is here! AfTzuLakhes is an ancient Yiddish adverb that refers to doing something precisely because people don’t want you to do it.

No Yiddish or Hebrew knowledge required to play this game, however…because all of the cards are generated by YOU! The players!

All you need to do is use the blank template provided (see image no. 2) and make a deck of however many cards you like.

What are the rules? Well, the rules are exactly whatever you want them to be! That said, the general spirit behind AfTzuLakhes was to create a “Last Player Standing” gaming environment, in which everyone else leaves the game as a result of time constraints, sheer frustration or anything else you can think of (plus a lot more!)

– No turns!

– No phases!

– Your deck is EXACTLY what you want it to be! You want to be a lord of dragons? Great! You want to make a deck based on getting other players to give you the nuclear codes or credit card information? Wonderful!

– Make your own win condition! That’s not my department!

– Make cards with the official card back (see Image no. 1) or otherwise have fun making as many card backs as you’d like!

There is a community-generated banned list that is honored in some circles, however. Cards that don’t receive enough downvotes in the first year of their being posted may be eligible for the banned list. Yes. You need sufficient downvotes to be considered ineligible for being banned. You read that correctly.

Find more about AfTzuLakhes: the Takeover from your local game store* on April 29th! Get ready to CAUSE CHAOS!

* The store actually has to be in a game. Hence, game store. I know of one. Several, in fact. Talk to me some other time.

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Announcing: Happy Seals!

Happy April 1st everyone!

The widely anticipated game HAPPY SEALS, absolutely not a parody of any well-known 2010’s browser games as far as I can tell.

In it, you can play as a number of cute roly-poly animals or machines in user-generated courses. Because NOTHING brings out the best in people better than having them make their own stuff and post it online under anonymous identities for the whole world to see! (Consider this my gift to the world to help fight against all that negativity out there, yeech!)

The game will be free but for a small fee of 5 USD, you can get the premium version: Happy Seals Diamond Platinum Definitive Edition 3.5 Remastered Remake!

So how does the game work? Simple. Your goal in any level is to reach the end, but the physics work differently in comparison to, let’s say, your ordinary Mario Game. When your character gets injured or hurt in any way, be it with obstacles or falls or whatever, well…we decided to take a more realistic approach to physics and injuries than most games. In order to ensure that the game is friendly for the younger folks, however, the usage of the censorship screen will be liberally applied in such cases, as in, blotting out the whole screen. Don’t worry, you can always restart the level.

Happy Seals launches April 29th*!

* Offer available only in certain in-game universes.

* Offer may not be available in your universe / dimension / plane of existence.

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Happy Kaverini Day 2021!

Happy Kaverini Day!

On June 10th, 2013, I put pen to paper in a small village near Heidelberg and started sketching an “unnamed secret project” that I would name “Kaverini” in August 2013, inspired by my Finnish studies (November 2013 I travelled there for the first time).

So every year on this day I celebrate the seed of creation.

Eight years later, I now have a completely playable version of my first video game in the series. “Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures”, set in Greenland, isn’t ready for the public quite yet, but to celebrate how far I’ve come, I’ll devote today to playing as much as I can of it to celebrate the fact that the seed has bloomed into a flower at last. (I’m also going to be recording it and sending the playthrough to my Greenlandic friends).

Always remember to err on the side of doing things rather than not doing them.

May today and every day be one of creative redemption for us all!

🇬🇱 🇫🇮 🇬🇱

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Kaverini: Uvira April 2021 Announcement!

So with work on Nuuk Adventures wrapping up and being readied for a Summer 2021 release, it is time to reveal work on my second game “Kaverini: Uvira”.

I can’t say too much quite yet, but my Congolese friends/consultants and I are all thrilled to be collaborating on this exciting project that will bring everyday life in Central-East Africa to your phones and computers at some point this year or the next.

– The game will be 2D and will enable pre-made characters as well as the ability to make your own.

– As per the request of many in the DRC, I will prioritize the mobile release of this game before computers.

– You will NOT play as a tourist in this game. As to what role you do play…I can’t say yet.

– Like Nuuk Adventures, this game will be level-based rather than open world (the Nauru game will be open-world, however).

– There will be different endings.

– Companion characters return. Some of these will be original characters imagined by the team, there are also some historical domain characters as well. These will provide you bonuses in your non-violent confrontations.

– The thirteen emotional techniques from the Kaverini tabletop game as well as the Custom Technique will all return with the same functions.

– Locations return from the tabletop game. If you are in a particular locale, the RPG elements of the game may change. (E.g. If you are near a certain volcano, as the DRC is famous for them, you may get bonuses, extra turns, etc.)

– Abilities also get introduced from the tabletop game. Your character will start with one of several advantages of your choosing, you can collect them all in the game via sidequests.

– Uvira, the titular city in the DRC, will not be the only locale, although it will be the focus. Among some other places to be featured (according to the current plan) are Bukavu and Kinshasa.

– The DRC has a heavy history on multiple levels. This game will make mention of many of those issues, but the focus will be normal life of ordinary people.

– I plan for the game to be fully localized in, at least, English, French, Swahili and likely Lingala as well. Maybe also Esperanto may be in the cards or other languages of the DRC according to demand.

– Once Nuuk Adventures is a completed product (all versions to market, all IndieGoGo rewards shipped, all translations done and implemented), I will devote myself to a month or two of intense learning of French and Swahili (likely one month each) which will be the “research” period before I begin drawing the tilesets of this game and writing the script. This is almost certain to happen later this year.

I am really excited for this game to happen!


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1 April 2021 Announcement!

Dear Friends and Family,

It is with utmost pleasure and a mischievous spirit that I announce a secret game project I have been working on for some time…

Scheduled for a release on September 31st, 2021…

Behold, “Kaverini: The Battle for Czechoslovenia” and “Kaverini: The Battle for Yugoslovakia”!

It is the mid 2020’s. The most popular sport in the world of any type of Trollery, in which experienced online provocateurs try to get their opponent to block them or do something outrageous in record time!

In 202Y, a situation arose in which the two best-known global competitions for the sport converged. The yearly Edgelord Olympics was to be held in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, whereas the yearly Edgelord Championship was to be held in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

From this difficult chaos arose two troll champions…and that is where you come in!

Play as the pet companions of the Slovak Edgelordery National Champion and the Slovene Edgelordery National Champion in two SEPARATE twin games!

In “Kaverini: The Battle for Czechoslovenia”, you can create a custom character or choose one of the pre-set characters to be pet of the globally renowned Slovak Edgelordery National Champion!
Help them try to discover the softness in their heart, with the help of historical domain characters throughout Slovak history, only to have your advice spurned at every corner in the name of acquiring ENDLESS GLORY and INFAMY!

In “Kaverini: The Battle for Yugoslovakia”, you do the same with the Slovene character’s pet.

After what promises to be equal parts edutainment and insane troll logic, after you complete both games, both Edgelord champions discover that they have said such terrible things that aliens from light years away have deemed the entire human race worth annihilating just because of them!

So you have to team up with them and go onto high-tech alien spaceships and bring your powers of provocation throughout the whole galaxy! And, yada yada, save humanity somehow, maybe.

It is a game that promises to get everyone angry for all of the right (wrong?) reasons with every single letter of dialogue and every single pixel!

Join me this fall in buying and promoting two games unlike any other in the known multiverse!

“Kaverini: The Battle for Czechoslovenia” and “Kaverini: The Battle for Yugoslovakia”!

Online Interactions not rated by the ESRB. The games’ offline versions, unfortunately, likely will be rated by the ESRB, and I’m probably not going to like their ratings.

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Nuuk Adventures Steam Page Now LIVE!


Kaverini: Nuuk Adventures, a JRPG-styled adventure set in late 2010’s Greenland, coming in the next few months to Steam!

Design your own character and hop into the modern and wild sides of the Arctic alike! When trouble arises, from mythical monsters to a computer that won’t work, use your emotional techniques to get your way, no violence required! Real life places included!

Velkommen til Nuuk, Grønlands hovedstad! Kreér din egen karakter og fordyb dig i Grønlands tundra såvel som øens urbane områder.Fra mytiske uhyrer til en computer der driller; når farer opstår, skal du klare dig ud af de svære situationer ved hjælp af emotionelle teknikker!

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Kaverini is now on Tumblr!


Going to add an ask me questions thing when I’m not lazy! Oh, and choose a better cover photo. 🙂

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February 29th, 2016 – A Retrospective

February 29th, 2016

I had just moved to the neighborhood and had only a handful of social connections. I recently recovered from Lyme Disease and was putting my life back together.

Not wanting to do nothing on the evening of February 29th, the one event I found out about that day was a promotion for an upcoming mobile game. I remember a giant hamster in the room.

While talking with lots of people, one thing led to another and I discussed with some mobile developers plans that I had for a game about Greenland. After having had multiple board game mini-releases featuring an RPG/card game fusion called the “Kaverini” series, with expansions set it real world locations, I told them that I was eyeing a video game spinoff, which was my original idea.

One thing led to another and, all because of February 29th, my game is, four years later, going to be released.

You never know what the decision to go somewhere or to do something will lead to.

Happy Leap Day!



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Love Letter to Nuuk

One year ago today, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of finally seeing the “low Arctic” in the legendary city of Nuuk, Greenland.

I fell in love with the Greenlandic Language in 2013 when I first discovered it in a travel guide in Woodbridge Town Library (the Connecticut Town where I spent my adolescence). Since then, I was entranced by how much the culture of Greenland resonated with me.

Much like in my own Jewish upbringing, a lot of young Inuit felt placed squarely between a world of modernity and one of thousand-year-old traditions that are renowned throughout the world (and usually understood on a shallow level).

Every step that I took in Greenland was testament to the determination and hardships and wisdom that the Greenlanders had in their hearts for thousands of years. My first impression of Nuuk was that I “was in a moon colony”, and the rest of the world felt so distant from me, the silence was almost holy and I could savor some of the world’s most ancient landscapes and within seconds end up in a grocery store that would be luxurious even by American standards.

I would go outside and see ice on the beach that was older than human civilization and then go home to my host family with an Internet-laden living room streaming Game of Thrones (with Danish subtitles).

The statue of the Mother Goddess of the Sea, Sassuma Arnaa, was in the harbor and the status of Hans Egede, the “Apostle of Greenland”, was on the mountain right next to the harbor (and in between them was the house he lived in). Christian Elsner of Nanook mixed a modern guitar melody he wrote in memory of suicide victims with images of a shaman playing the Qilaat, the ancient drum that Inuit shamans used for millennia (this film, “Inuup Tarraa” [Human Shadow], is available for free on YouTube with English subtitles and is extremely heart-wrenching).

Whatever you do to engage Greenlandic culture, you find yourself firmly grounded in the present with an eye back to an ancient civilization that is one of humanity’s great pioneers.

My first evening in Nuuk I got lost after my host family dropped me off at Nuuk Center,a mega-mall that also hosted the Greenlandic Home Rule Government in the same building. Walking by toy stores, clothing stores and a video game store advertising the recently released SNES Mini Classic,, I go outside into the ancient cold and see the fjord, and, for the first time, the Northern Lights. (I used Greenlandic for the first time in order to ask for directions and find my way home).

To be honest, my Greenlandic skills are still quite meager, but my journey to explore this culture made me a more sensitive human and blossomed my creativity a millionfold. One year later, the Greenland trip is still my favorite international venture. And Greenland remains my favorite country in the whole world. 🇬🇱

P.S. True story: I told my host mom on the car ride from the airport that I was vegetarian and I got laughed at (in a friendly way, though). Yup.

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