1 April 2021 Announcement!

Dear Friends and Family,

It is with utmost pleasure and a mischievous spirit that I announce a secret game project I have been working on for some time…

Scheduled for a release on September 31st, 2021…

Behold, “Kaverini: The Battle for Czechoslovenia” and “Kaverini: The Battle for Yugoslovakia”!

It is the mid 2020’s. The most popular sport in the world of any type of Trollery, in which experienced online provocateurs try to get their opponent to block them or do something outrageous in record time!

In 202Y, a situation arose in which the two best-known global competitions for the sport converged. The yearly Edgelord Olympics was to be held in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, whereas the yearly Edgelord Championship was to be held in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

From this difficult chaos arose two troll champions…and that is where you come in!

Play as the pet companions of the Slovak Edgelordery National Champion and the Slovene Edgelordery National Champion in two SEPARATE twin games!

In “Kaverini: The Battle for Czechoslovenia”, you can create a custom character or choose one of the pre-set characters to be pet of the globally renowned Slovak Edgelordery National Champion!
Help them try to discover the softness in their heart, with the help of historical domain characters throughout Slovak history, only to have your advice spurned at every corner in the name of acquiring ENDLESS GLORY and INFAMY!

In “Kaverini: The Battle for Yugoslovakia”, you do the same with the Slovene character’s pet.

After what promises to be equal parts edutainment and insane troll logic, after you complete both games, both Edgelord champions discover that they have said such terrible things that aliens from light years away have deemed the entire human race worth annihilating just because of them!

So you have to team up with them and go onto high-tech alien spaceships and bring your powers of provocation throughout the whole galaxy! And, yada yada, save humanity somehow, maybe.

It is a game that promises to get everyone angry for all of the right (wrong?) reasons with every single letter of dialogue and every single pixel!

Join me this fall in buying and promoting two games unlike any other in the known multiverse!

“Kaverini: The Battle for Czechoslovenia” and “Kaverini: The Battle for Yugoslovakia”!

Online Interactions not rated by the ESRB. The games’ offline versions, unfortunately, likely will be rated by the ESRB, and I’m probably not going to like their ratings.

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