Kaverini: Uvira April 2021 Announcement!

So with work on Nuuk Adventures wrapping up and being readied for a Summer 2021 release, it is time to reveal work on my second game “Kaverini: Uvira”.

I can’t say too much quite yet, but my Congolese friends/consultants and I are all thrilled to be collaborating on this exciting project that will bring everyday life in Central-East Africa to your phones and computers at some point this year or the next.

– The game will be 2D and will enable pre-made characters as well as the ability to make your own.

– As per the request of many in the DRC, I will prioritize the mobile release of this game before computers.

– You will NOT play as a tourist in this game. As to what role you do play…I can’t say yet.

– Like Nuuk Adventures, this game will be level-based rather than open world (the Nauru game will be open-world, however).

– There will be different endings.

– Companion characters return. Some of these will be original characters imagined by the team, there are also some historical domain characters as well. These will provide you bonuses in your non-violent confrontations.

– The thirteen emotional techniques from the Kaverini tabletop game as well as the Custom Technique will all return with the same functions.

– Locations return from the tabletop game. If you are in a particular locale, the RPG elements of the game may change. (E.g. If you are near a certain volcano, as the DRC is famous for them, you may get bonuses, extra turns, etc.)

– Abilities also get introduced from the tabletop game. Your character will start with one of several advantages of your choosing, you can collect them all in the game via sidequests.

– Uvira, the titular city in the DRC, will not be the only locale, although it will be the focus. Among some other places to be featured (according to the current plan) are Bukavu and Kinshasa.

– The DRC has a heavy history on multiple levels. This game will make mention of many of those issues, but the focus will be normal life of ordinary people.

– I plan for the game to be fully localized in, at least, English, French, Swahili and likely Lingala as well. Maybe also Esperanto may be in the cards or other languages of the DRC according to demand.

– Once Nuuk Adventures is a completed product (all versions to market, all IndieGoGo rewards shipped, all translations done and implemented), I will devote myself to a month or two of intense learning of French and Swahili (likely one month each) which will be the “research” period before I begin drawing the tilesets of this game and writing the script. This is almost certain to happen later this year.

I am really excited for this game to happen!


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